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Our O2 line of supports are designed to achieve the cold and compression that is necessary for the rehabilitation of injuries and post operative care. This is accomplished without constant flow pumps that are cumbersome and costly or ice bags that leak.

Patients enjoy the ease of applying the O2 and adding air as necessary, then simply placing the O2 back into a refrigerator. NO COOLER IS NECESSARY!!! 

Apply the O2 supports for osteoarthritis of the knee, post operative arthroscopy, swollen knees, back pain, ankle sprains, wrist effusions and shoulder repairs. When cold and compression are prescribed the O2 line should be dispensed. 

No Substitution

  • The O2 does not require you to add water or electricity.

 Success is found in its simplicity.

  • The O2s anatomic design covers the affected areas correctly. 

 Compression and cold go where they are needed.

  • The O2 is easy to adjust and use. 

 Even a caveman can do it.

  • The O2 can be stored in a refrigerator. 

No need to reinvent the wheel. Let the frig. do the job.

Call to order (800) 992-9999 or fill out the contact us page.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to meet your compression/cold needs.